Fonthill Pure English Spring Water

Fonthill Spring Water shine in 2008 BWCA Supplier Audit

November 6th, 2008

Fonthill Spring Water – the UK’s leading contract bottler to the water cooler industry – achieved a 100% water contract bottler rating in the 2008 BWCA supplier audit.

Fonthill owners were amoung the founders of the BWCA – British Water Cooler Association – which audits and acts for the members engaged in the UK water cooler industry. As part of our membership we have an annual audit of our bottling plant which gives us a rating against other contract bottlers. We are pleased to have achieved a 100% pass rate for the audit – details of which can be passed to customers on request.

For details on our profile within the BWCA please look at our entry in the contract bottler section of their  website.


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